Here’s What An iPhone Made Of Every iPhone Display Ever Built Would Look Like [Image]



Have you ever contemplated just how many displays Apple’s manufactured for the iPhone since 2007? And then, have you ever thought how cool it’d be to combine all those iPhone displays into one gigantic Monophone that’s docked in the middle of Manhattan?

Josh Orter over at Stupid Calculations was wondering what such an object would look like too, so he did all the calculations and discovered the Monophone screen would stretch 5,059 feet into the sky, and measure 2,846 feet across, for a total surface area of 23-acres. It would be enough screen space to watch Game of Thrones on all fours sides of fourteen World Trade Centers.

Here’s another picture of what the Monophone would look like in Manhattan:



To find the surface area of the hypothetical Monophone, Stupid Calculations started with the total number of iPhones sold since 2007 (352,292,000), and then went to work on finding the surface area for each device.

The 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5 made the calculations a few steps trickier, but in the end, they got all the math figured out and discovered the Monophone would be just a touch wider than Central Park.




Source: Stupid Calculations

Via: Kottke