LifeProof Finally Supersizes Its Waterproof frē iPhone Case for the iPad Mini




If you’ve been waiting patiently for an iPad Mini version of LifeProof‘s rugged, waterproof iPad Nuud case, you’re not going to get one — instead, LifeProof is going to enlarge its Fre iPhone case for the iPad Mini. what this means is you won’t have the Nuud’s completely bare screen, and instead will have a thin screen cover over your iPad Mini’s screen.

The outfit’s choice to go with a screen covering may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your tastes; but there’s no argument that the arrival of LifeProof’s thin, rugged, waterproof iPad Mini case is a great thing.

One big draw of LifeProof’s cases is their modular approach to accessories, their ability to easily mesh with a variety of action-oriented mounts and accoutrement — things like bike mounts, hand and shoulder straps and flotation cushions — made by LifeProof for their cases.

The iPad Mini Fre will sell for $100, and will be accompanied by just one accessory available when it ships in June, the shoulder/hand strap kit. But LifeProof says the LifeJacket floatation cushion, a portfolio cover and a mounting cradle will follow very shortly, and all will go for around $50.

Also, you may have noticed that your friendly neighborhood Apple Store has begun selling LifeProof’s Nuud case for the iPad. The cases arrived earlier this week and are currently the only ruggedized iPad cases sold in Apple Stores.