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MobileMe May Be Up and Running



Apple confessed to problems making the transition from .Mac web services to its highly anticipated MobileMe product, according to MacWorld, but the service may be up and running this morning after yesterday’s rocky rollout.

A statement posted earlier today to the Apple website read “”The MobileMe transition is underway but is taking longer than expected. Please refer to the official System Status to the right for current information on the availability of MobileMe services. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

But as you can see from the screenshots below, we finally have a log-in page and access to our me domain. The servers are running very slow at this writing. Stay tuned for updates; your mileage may vary.


Access to the account page behind the following secure screen

Was met with a Loading wheel that I gave up on after 5 minutes

But I was able to get to my Gallery

Though not my mail. I have confidence Apple engineers will work out the kinks.


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18 responses to “MobileMe May Be Up and Running”

  1. mmnw says:

    When I checked about an hour ago mail, calendar, gallery and idisk was working. Address book just showed a spinning wheel, and the preferences did show, but I couldn’t select anything.
    Now, I can’t even login anymore …

  2. diamondprojects says:

    Hmmm. I’m actually more interested in this than the iPhone launch. I would like to check this out but I can’t get any access. This is definately not Apples finest hour…

  3. Corey says:

    Apple’s servers are all down due to the transfer of everything from .mac to mobileme and the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware 2.0 update. When Firefox 3 came out mozilla had the same problems… Apple should have released mobileme a lot earlier due to possibility of these issues… Oh well, I cannot wait to access my mobileme account and get my iPhone software upgraded!

  4. Chas says:

    If you download your mail, you can read it. If you use the web mail, you still cannot.

  5. mare says:

    I can’t get in since it complains about invalid membername and password.

    I reset my password, but that doesn’t help.

    What user-ID did you used to get in? I tried my xxxx,, and, but neither of them works…

  6. nemesis10 says:

    The old user ID would be “”, while the new one would be” johnsmith”

  7. Jiri says:

    Hi, I know that the announcement about mobileMe was already there for several weeks. But I did not pay much attention to that. However looking on all the added features made me feel happy as a user of .mac. I was expecting some new improvements since the service was quite out dated already and appreciated the GBs of storage increase that came with iLife 08. Now additional 10GB and easy file sharing is simply excellent.

    Does anybody here know how to set it all up to be able to sync several macs with mobileMe, push calendars, contacts etc with all of them + Entourage? Thanks.

  8. Rodney says:

    I had signed up for the .Mac 60-day trial on July 8th, one day before the MobileMe update. for .Mac, I could not get my addressbook to sync new contacts (regardless where the contacts were created. I’m hoping MobileMe will work out! :-D

  9. Danny Policarpo says:

    Hello fellow mac and iPhone lovers, just wondering i live in UK and there is still no confirmation of mobile me even being up and running over here yet, when you click on and go through to the mobile me service’s all it does is give u same preview as its always done… i know you can sign up to the service through but not sure if it will work for UK anyways just wondering if anyone knows anything for mobile me UK service.

    Thanks :]