SETA Stand Is Minimal, Elegant Smart And Cheap



The SETA smartphone stand is another one of those post-Lighting iPhone “docks” which don’t actually let you dock the phone. The 30 pin dock connector was bad in many ways but it did at least give us docks into which we could dump our devices and let them charge.

The SETA pretty much ignores the dock part and just proves a handsome, minimalist spot on your desk to park your phone. And it also provides a neat way to control your charging cable.

Launching today ($19-$25) on Kickstarter, the stand is an angle of aluminum with a nano-coated pad. This pad sticks to the back of any flat phone, not just the iPhone, and lets you set it at any angle. The pad works over and over (I have a PadPivot stand which uses the same kind of material) and can be “recharged” by de-linting it with a piece of scotch or gaffer tape.


There’s also a t-shaped hole in the stand, through which you can thread even the bulkiest of proprietary connectors and have them held securely until you need them. Sure, it’s a pain to have to plug the cable in yourself, but that’s the price we pay for the otherwise fantastic Lightning connector.

If I was in the market for a dock I’d probably buy this one. It’s cheap, looks great and will continue to work with whatever iPhones Apple comes up with in the future (as long as they have flat backs). As a hard-working gadget reviewer, though, my desk is already littered with docks and stands crying out “Use me!” every minute of every day (this makes it pretty hard to sleep unless I drape a blanket over them), so I’m out of the game here.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Cary!