$180 iPhone LED Photography Lamp Has Some Very Clever Tricks



The KickLight is a $180 LED lamp for your iPhone. I hear you. “WHAT?!” you shout, in justifiable ALL CAPS. You even combine a question mark and an exclamation mark to further express your angered confusion. To which I can only say CALM DOWN. It’s actually worth the money.


The lamp has a few clever features that mark it apart from the usual smartphone photography lighting accessories. One is that it’s color. Not just any color, but every color. You can dial in hue changes on the device with dedicated buttons, or you can hook it unto a companion app and do magical things like matching the color of the light in the room and (literally) flashy special effects (great for video – you could fake firelight, for example).

Brightness, too, can be controlled either by buttons or by the iPhone, and as the lamp has a couple of sled runners you can slot the iPhone in to use the light as an on-camera source. Recharging is via USB, and there’s a standard tripod mount for off-camera use.

And you should be using it off-camera, especially as – unlike flashes – the light is continuous and doesn’t need cables of expensive wireless setups to trigger it. In fax, you could totally use this light with a regular camera setup, too.

Now, you’re beginning to see that it might be worth $180 after all, huh? I certainly want one. Available now.

Source: Photojojo
Thanks: Kiran!