Remove Those Pesky Default Apps From The Dock For Fun And Profit [OS X Tips]


OK, maybe not profit.
OK, maybe not profit.

After I wrote a tip on removing icons from the new Mountain Lion Dock a while back, I got a few questions from readers who weren’t quite able to make it work.

Cult of Mac reader, Diane, emailed and said, “well, it sounds good…..But none of your suggestions work on my computer. when I let go, it still zooms back. when I trash it, it still zooms back. when I right click there is no option to remove it from the dock.”

Without knowing the specifics,of course, I cant diagnose the problem perfectly. I do think, however, that I might have an answer to this.

Perhaps Diane was trying to remove Default apps from the Dock, like Reminders, Notes and the App Store. When I tried it, I wasn’t able to remove the App Store icon, for instance. When I right clicked on it, there was no immediately apparent option to remove it from the dock.

Luckily, a quick trip over to the Apple discussion forums provided an answer.

Discussion member LockeX007 told the original poster to right click on the stubborn Dock icon, and then hover the mouse over the Options area. Right at the top, you’ll see the Remove from Dock option, followed by some other handy ones, like Open at Login or Show in Finder.

Regardless, use the Remove from Dock option, and you’ll be right as rain. If you want the icon back in your Dock, simply open the Applications folder and drag the app icon to the Dock again. Boom!

Source: Apple Discussions