Airmail Is A Gorgeous New Mail App For Your Mac, And It’s Just $1.99



If you’ve been looking for that perfect mail client for Mac since Sparrow sold itself to Google, then now’s the time to stop and check out Airmail, a gorgeous new mail client that just hit the Mac App Store.

It actually looks a lot like Sparrow, and it’s designed to provide you with a “modern and easy-to-use experience.” But it’s packed full of great features to give you everything you’ll ever need for your email. It’s also a bargain at just $1.99.

Airmail’s clean and minimal look aims to provide you with an easy and uninterrupted method of managing your emails on your Mac. It supports all major email services, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Aol, and iCloud, and you can add your own by entering the settings manually.

Airmail boasts support for multiple accounts, and you can quickly switch between those you’ve setup with just one click. You can also setup per-account notifications, so you’ll know instantly where that new email went. Alternatively, you can view all of your inboxes at once.


Other Airmail features include Gmail shortcuts and custom global shortcuts, quick reply, Dropbox integration, inline image attachments, multiple message themes, Gmail and OS contact import, group support, contact pictures, and much, much more.

Airmail clearly got its inspiration from Sparrow, because it looks very similar and it boasts some of Sparrow’s best features — such as quick reply. But it also offers a lot of features Sparrow didn’t have, and it’s significantly cheaper.

I’ve setup all of my email accounts in Airmail since I downloaded it this morning, and I’ve been very impressed with it so far. It’s super fast — even with five accounts set up at once — and it has all the features you’d expect from a modern mail client.


I urge you to check it out if you’re looking for an awesome mail app. And again, at just $1.99, it’s an absolute steal.

Source: Mac App Store

  • rigit_digit

    Killian – thanks for posting this. I bought it as well and it’s really great.

  • Stuka_UK

    It’s getting some crap old reviews on the Apps Store.

  • spidermark

    Very, very difficult to set up, and so far, no help from the developers. seems to require different settings than apple mail. have set up mailboxes with alot of different devices, and platforms, and this one is tough.

  • cjjenks

    it’s a crap app… very buggy after the most recent update. not worth the pain and stress and tears. i agree with the review though, it is nice looking. too bad it doesn’t perform well.

  • GraceWallacee

    The new Ark Mail App has drastically improved my mobile emailing. Beautiful layout, easy to send Dropbox attachments, and even provides you with a profile for each of your email contacts with links to all of their social media accounts. I downloaded it at

  • ghayes

    Mine shut down synching w/ my Galaxy phone and would not allow group emails?