HitCase: The “Indestructible” iPhone Camera Case Now Mounts To Roll-Bars And Handlebars



Remember the Hitcase? It’s the “virtually indestructible” iPhone case that our own video jockey Michael Steeber checked out at this years CES. Now you can buy not only the case itself, but a range of neat-o accessories which let you put the thing on bike handlebars and car… Tubes?

The Hitcase Pro is a $130 ruggedised case with a wide-angle lens that gives the iPhone inside a 170˚ view of the action. And you can get right into the action as the case is designed to laugh at water and drop ice-cubes down the shirt of drops and bumps.

That’s fine, if you have a hand free to hold it. But what you really need are the MotoR and the RollR. The MotoR is a $40 bracket made to clamp onto bike and motorbike handlebars, and the RollR ($45) is a new mount to secure the iPhone to the roll bars of an environment-killing SUV.

Which brings me to a thought I have been mulling for a while. Having our cameras in our phones is fantastic for all the usual convenience/sharing reasons, but not so good when you want to do something like clamp the camera to your car’s roof.

After all, it’s one thing losing an admittedly expensive GoPro if you drive under a too-low bridge in a tall van, but anther thing entirely to lose your phone and all that it contains.

Likewise asking strangers to take a picture of you in front of a famous monument 1: There’s no way I’m handing over my iPhone, even though it’s worth (in money terms) more than my iPhone. And I feel downright intrusive if somebody hands their phone to me to snap a picture.

Still, the HitCase looks sturdy enough, and there’s always Find my iPhone if things go really wrong when you’re jumping the canyon in your skycycle.

Source: HitCase
Via: PhotographyBay

  1. The best advice is to not take these cheesy photos in the first place. ↩