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GeoTagBee: Ultra-Simple iPhone Geotagging App



GeoTagBee is a brand-new iPhone app for recording your wanderings in order to geotag photos later. Yes, it’s my new obsession. GeoTagBee’s stand out feature is its simplicity, although it manages to pack in some neat features anyway. Let’s take a look:

There is precisely one preference that you can set: High Accuracy. This can be toggled on and off from the main screen and lets you choose to let GeoTagBee pillage your battery life in return for super-accurate results. To be honest, if you need this degree of accuracy for your photos you should probably be using dedicated geotagging hardware to do it.

The main screen is plain, with a clock at the top (pro tip: snap a photo of this clock with your camera when you set out. Then, back at the computer, you can just look at this photo and compare it’s time stamp with the time in the picture. Use your editing software to make any adjustments to the capture time. Easy).

There are two more buttons (not counting the “info” button): Start Recording and Past Trips. The first one does exactly what you’d expect. The second flips to a clever map and calendar view. Days with recorded tracks have dots. Tap one to view your route. It’s as simple and clever as the rest of the app.

Finally, to share the resulting GPX track you just mail it out or upload it to Dropbox. It’s a shame that all these different geotagging apps can’t save to the same folder inside Dropbox, but maybe that only matters to people like me who test them all the time.

And that’s it. The app is $2.

Source: GeoTagBee
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