Create and Manage Evernote Reminders On Your iPhone Or iPad [iOS Tips]


Evernote Reminders

I really enjoy Apple’s own Reminders app, especially as it integrates with Siri. Recently, however, Evernote has added its own Reminder system. As I use Evernote for a ton of my daily tasks, I thought it might be something to try out.

If you’re looking to remind yourself of the things you keep in Evernote, or are just looking for an alternative to the Reminders app in iOS, here’s how to create and manage them in Evernote for iOS.

You’ll need the latest version of Evernote for this to work, so make sure you check your Updates tab in the App Store and update Evernote if need be.

Then, launch Evernote on your iPad or iPhone, and create a new note. Near the bottom of the note, you’ll see a little alarm clock icon. Tap it, and you’ll see a message that your Reminder has been Added. Tap the Notify me icon to the right, and then tap on the day you’d like to be reminded. It will hop over to the left, and then offer you times to be reminded. Tap on the time you’d like a reminder, and then tap on the Done button in the upper right.

You’ll get an in-app alarm by default, and you’ll also be given the option to have an email sent to you when the Reminder is due. The Alarm clock icon in the bottom right of your note will now turn blue, and the due date will appear next to it. You’ll also get a little Alarm clock icon in the All Notes screen, which, when tapped, will show you all the reminders you have set in Evernote. Tap it once again to hide your reminders. Tap the little calendar icon to the right to show your reminders by Date, Recently Completed, or Upcoming.

If you tap into a specific notebook, you’ll only see the Reminders for that notebook, keeping you from getting overwhelmed by all the Reminders across all the notebooks. If you want to see them all, of course, just tap into the All Notes view, as above.

If your notebook is shared, all the folks you share it with will also see the Reminders for that notebook, making this a super handy way to collaborate via Evernote.

Source: Evernote