Mutator, A Plug-In Mute Switch For Your iPhone, iPad, iPod



The Mutator is a hardware mute switch for your iPhone. What’s that you say? You already have a hardware mute switch on your iPhone? Well, yes you do. But – as the poor fellow who caused Mahlergate found out – mute doesn’t always mean “mute”.

When you slide the iPhone’s mute switch, it silences most hints, but it won’t silence any alarms or alerts you have set. This is usually a good thing: I don’t want to miss a plane (plane rides are the only time I set an alarm, being a work-from-bed blogger). Nor will it silence music that you play by pressing play: that’s the kind of thing Windows computers do, the kind of thing that has me hurling them out of the nearest window minutes after switching them on.

The Mutator, on the other hand, silences everything. And it does so by blockage up the headphone port.


Stick a pair of headphones into the iPhone and sound is channeled through it. Stick in a jack plug without a pair of headphones attached and al goes silent. The twist (literally) here is that when your turn the Mutator through 90 degrees, it disengages and lets sound resume. That makes it like an on/off knob for the phone.

Sounds which would normally still come from the speaker even when the iPhone has headphones attached will still play, but between this and the actual “mute”
switch, you should be good.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Twitter

  • danhixon

    I helped develop mutator and feel the need to correct one important thing: It doesn’t mute everything. It mutes Siri, videos, music, apps (games), text/message tones, mail alerts, calendar alerts, web audio, and camera sounds.

  • Romeyn Prescott

    I was gonna say…having headphones plugged in does NOT mute the Clock app’s alarm!

  • joewaylo

    Hope it doesn’t break while plugged in. I’d hate to see the end user try and pull out the plug with tweezers.

  • terribledishwasher

    I wanted to pop in here and say something. I’m a kickstarter backer for mutator and this project has been a flop so far. The expected delivery date was October 2013, but there were delays, which is understandable. However it is now July 2014 and there is no product, no photos showing progress, and the creator hasn’t even signed in for over 2 months to provide an update. So unless he got hit by a train, he appears to have gone AWOL.