UrbanEars Boom: The All-Day, All-Directional Speaker For Your Summer Adventures



UltimateEars Boom is yet another wireless Bluetooth speaker, a category that has gone from a mere sprinkling of spores on the petri dish of consumer gadgets to a veritable mushroom field of musical materiel. However, as is now necessary in this crowded corner of consumerism, there’s a twist: This speaker will annoy everyone equally, wherever they may be.

The headline features are the 360˚ sound field of the speaker, which means that nobody will be left out of the “party,” and the 15-hour battery life, which will let you keep going long after the adults have fallen into a post-apoplectic coma, their furious frothing finally exhausted.

The other neat trick is portability. This speaker can be hung from a bag or a belt, or even slid into the bottle cage on your bike. This last trick is truly great, as it will let cyclists terrorize pedestrians even more effectively than before, when the only weapons were excessive bell use or actual, honest-to-god collisions.

Want one? You can totally just go and buy one right now, for the price of One Jawbone Jambox, or JJ$1.00, aka US$200.

Source: UrbanEars