Xistera iPhone 5 Multitool Does Everything. EVERYTHING



The obvious thing to say about the XiStera is to call it the "“Swiss Army Knife” of iPhone 5 accessories. Leaving aside for a second the fact that, if all the Swiss Army is bringing to the fight is that little knife, it’s no wonder it refuses to play in any wars, let’s make a better analogy for the Xistera. It’s like a Glif crossed with a Pulltaps corkscrew.

The Xistera Really is impressively utilitarian. It works as a wrap for headphones, a stand for the iPhone, a magnetic mount for those annoying magnetic lenses, a keychain, a tripod adapter, an accessory cold-shoe (for lights and mics) and – yes – a bottle opener.

It’s a Kickstarter project, but as it was funded in like five minutes we should be fairly confident that it’ll be made available. And you can even buy this ultimate accessory with its own accessories: currently the XiStera can be had for $35 along with wide-angle, macro and fisheye lenses.

Source: Kickstarter