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Rhapsody Releases Redesigned iPhone App


Too little too late?
Too little too late?

Rhapsody, the online music streaming service a few of your friends used ten years ago, has released a redesigned version of its iPhone app. Like Spotify and Rdio, Rhapsody allows you to create playlists, download tracks for listening offline, and look up artist/album information. It costs $10 per month for access to millions of tracks.

“Beautiful and fully redesigned, the latest incarnation of the Rhapsody experience gets the music playing faster than ever,” according to the company. Rhapsody is calling this the “Ferrari of iPhone apps,” which is a bit of a stretch. Today’s update brings a lot of interface elements that have been in competing apps for a long time. Rhapsody still doesn’t look any better than Rdio, or even Spotify. The iPad version blatantly copies parts of Spotify’s iPad app, actually.

Nice try, Rhapsody.

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Via: The Rhapsody Blog