MakeDoc For iOS Turns Beautiful Markdown Files Into DOCX Monstrosities



MakeDoc is a single-serve iOS app which costs just $3. That’s a lot less than the app it might replace for many of you: Microsoft Word. MarkDoc does (mostly) one thing: it takes a clipboard filled with Markdown text and turns it into a DOCX file. That’s it.

Well, that’s almost it – makeDoc will perform the same conversion trick using OPML and plain text files for the source text. Most Markdown editors for iOS will convert text into rich text or HTML or a PDF, but as far as I know you have to go to the Mac to output a Word file.

Why would you want this app? Because even if you’re one of those enlightened people who crafts their words in the RAW format of writers (Markdown), you will sometimes need to send a DOC file to a digital luddite. You might see the value of a lightweight and universal file format in which you concentrate on writing and think about the formatting only when you export, but some people like to have their work tied up in a proprietary, bloated file which is hard to edit without an expensive software suite.

MakeDoc supports the “open in…” feature of iOS so you can send the results to any compatible apps (I suggest emailing it as fast as possible and then taking a long hot shower). What I’d really like is a URL scheme so other apps like Drafts could beam their Markdown payloads direct to the app for quick and dirty (emphasis on the dirty) conversion.

Source: iTunes Store