NuForce Mobile Music Pump: The Best-Named Headphone Amp Ever?



To be honest, I’m writing this post based solely on the awesome name of this iOS-compatible headphone amp: the Mobile Music Pump. What is it? An amp to boost the puny output from your iPhone’s headphone jack to make big headphones sound better.

According to the maker, NuForce, over-the-ear (OE) headphones need 10x more power than the equivalent in-ear (IE) headphones to do the same job. That makes sense – the OE cans are bigger after all. It’s just over two-inches long and just 22 grams (less than an ounce) in weight, and will make your headphones “sound distinctly clearer and more natural.”

I don’t know. It’s already a pain to take a big pair of headphones out of the house with me. Now I need a separate amp as well? And it’ll need charging, too – the battery life is rated at 8 hours. I like great-sounding music as much as the next man, but I’ll stick with my Koss Porta Pros for now.

The Mobile Music Pump is just $60.

Source: NuForce