Slide On The Dotted Line To Riffle Your Way Through An iBook [iOS Tips]


Riffle me this.
Riffle me this.

When reading an iBook on your iPad or iPhone, you typically tap the right side of the page to go forward, and tap the left side of the page to go backward, right? If you want to skip to a different part of the iBook, you can tap on the table of contents button in the upper left and tap to the chapter you want to go to.

How do you quickly navigate more than one page forward or backward, though? With a real book, you just flip through the pages until you find the one you’re looking for. In iBooks, you don’t riffle through pages, but you can navigate quickly and visually to other portions of the book.

If you tap in the center of an iBook on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you’ll see a dotted line appear along the bottom. This will show up whether you’re in portrait or landscape orientation.

Tap the little brown rectangle that denotes the current page, and hold your finger down. Now slide your finger right to riffle forward through the book, and to the left to riffle backwards through the book. It’s really that simple. If it’s an iBook with chapters, you’ll see the title along the top of the pop-up menu, along with the pages you’re navigating through.

Stop when you get to the chapter or page you want, and iBooks will open to that page, letting you read from that spot. Slick, huh?

Now you can skip taping the page turn over and over to get farther along int he book, as well as sticking to the start of the various chapters. Just riffle your way to the part you want to read, and all will be well.