Inteliscope Turns Your iPhone Into The World’s Most Useful Rifle Scope



You may assume that there’s little use for a fragile smartphone on the battlefield, but you’d be completely wrong. The Inteliscope is a new iPhone accessory unlike anything you’ve ever seen before that turns your device into an intelligent scope for your rifle.

No, not a toy rifle. A real rifle.

The Inteliscope is “the premier tactical rifle adapter,” according to its makers. It combines a tactical rail mount that sits on top of your rifle with an iOS app that delivers “critical ballistics and environmental insight to the shooter in real time.”

It’s compatible with any firearm that uses a Picatinny (Mil-STD-1913) or Weaver tactical rail, and some of its features include a ruggedized tactile rubber finish, adjustable mount position, support for both portrait and landscape orientations, and a protective case for portability.

But it’s in the app where the Inteliscope really shines. It lets you pick custom crosshairs, offers 5x digital zoom, records video from the shooter’s perspective, and provides ballistics and firearm data. It also utilizes the iPhone’s built-in compass, GPS, and LED to provide a flashlight.

The Inteliscope, along with your iPhone, really is the ultimate rifle scope. I mean, I’m no expert on rifle scopes, but I’m guessing there aren’t many that record video and provide all the information the InteliScope does while you’re on the battlefield.

The Inteliscope is priced at $69.99, and it comes in three models — one for the iPod touch, another for the iPhone 5, and one for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It’s scheduled to launch next month, and you can pre-order yours now from

Source: InteliScopes

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  • Steffen Jobbs

    Let me know when you can mount a a full-sized iPad up there. It will also help shield my face from an enemy’s bullet to some extent. I have to admit that sight is a pretty neat idea. I hope it works as well as claimed. In theory, you could add range-finding for distance and compensation for wind speed and direction.

  • smanke

    Originally I thought this idea was laughable. But now I’m thinking of the software’s 2.0 potential. Features involving augmented reality. Friendly fire prevention indication systems and heads up display waypoint indicators. With the smartphone, the processing power, data connection, and sensors are already there. That’s a great start.

    Google Glass might be a better solution for actual tactical teams, but the concept has to start somewhere!

  • rick_tap

    Receiving a call during battle would be a bad thing i suppose? ;)