Apple Kicks Off Father’s Day Promotion With Online Store Design Tweaks



The Apple online store went down for just over four hours earlier today, and it came back with Apple’s new Father’s Day promotion and a few noticeable design changes.

The Cupertino company is again heavily promoting the iPad and the iPad mini, but the iPhone 5 also gets a lot of room on the store’s homepage.

Previously, the Apple online store had navigation menus down both the left and right sides, which let visitors quickly find the products they were looking for. Those are now gone, and the only way to get around the store now is to click the “Shop Mac,” “Shop iPad,” “Shop iPhone,” “Shop iPod” and other buttons buttons across the top of the page.

This is fine if you’re looking for those items specifically, but if you want accessories, software, or other things related to those items, it seems like a slower approach. It’s unclear whether the design changes are permanent or just there temporarily for the Father’s Day promotion, but it certainly seems like they’re here to stay.

Apple is promoting a range of products and accessories for Father’s Day, including iPads, iPhones, iPhone cases, the GoPro HD HERO3 video camera, the Nest home thermostat, and the Nike FuelBand. The company is also advertising its engraving service for iPads and iPods.

There’s also a handy page that’ll give you Father’s Day shipping deadlines for all kinds of products.

Source: Apple Store