Linen-Look iPad Case Also Holds Paper, Pen And Stylus



I quite like the dark linen texture that sits behind the elements of the iOS (and recently OS X) interface, but I’m pretty sure that Jony Ive’s upcoming Great Purge will consign it to the same tomb as brushed aluminum – after all, this is a designer so minimalist that he even removed a superfluous “n” from his own name.

So this wraparound case from Plus Motif might be my last chance at linen.

It’s not real linen, of course, any more than the linen in your iPad is placed there, sheet by sheet, by the Foxconn workers.But it looks like it, and it also comes in colors.

The case itself is a wraparound folio-style number, with space on one side for your iPad (regular or mini) and a replaceable paper notepad on the other. It even comes with a hybrid stylus/ball pen for writing on either one.

The lack of logos or lame designs means that nobody younger than post-graduate age will buy this thing, but for adult study classes it looks to be just about ideal” When I used to do Spanish classes in the evenings I had all kinds of trouble stoping my iPad from slipping off the desk.

The price? A steep $40, and the company won;t even sell you notepad refills. Still, the included 30 sheets might last you longer than iOS’ childish skeuomorphism.

Source: Pus Motif