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Slickwraps: Get $50 Credit For Only $25 [Deals]


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Everyone’s gadgets look the same these days. That’s because they generally look so good out of the box. But why not personalize your gear a little bit? Make it really your own and let your personality come through every time you bring out your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other tech gadgets for all the world to see.

Cult of Mac Deals has an offer that will help you do just that, letting you change add stylish skin(s) to your tech with Slickwraps. We’ve got a deal tjhat gives you $50 of credit with Slickwraps for 50% off the regular price – just $25!

Slickwraps makes amazing skins for these big name brands and more. They make hundreds of sweet skins for just about every tech gadget out there including your iPhone, Android phone, your MacBook, and even the new Pebble watch!

Use your $50 credit on dozens of different skins for your favorite tech gadgets:

  • Smartphones (average price is approx. $20)
  • iPods (average price is approx. $15)
  • iPads and tablets (average price is approx. $25)
  • MacBooks (average price is approx. $45)
  • Gaming gadgets (average price is approx. $10)
  • …and other gear (average price is approx. $20)

There’s much more to this deal than meets the eye, so check out the Deals page to read about all the finer points involved.

So if you’re tired of having the same old look, then head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page and style up your favourite tech gadgets with slick and protective skins from Slickwraps. You’ll get $50 worth of credit for only $25 – which will let you personalize your gear to best suit you. Don’t let this deal pass you by. Get it today!