BlackBerry Messenger Might Be Coming To iOS This Summer, But Not iPad



Blackberry Messenger might finally be coming to iOS this summer… but it’s just been confirmed that doesn’t mean a native iPad version.

The depressing word comes straight from Blackberry’s software portfolio chief Vivek Bhardwaj, who confirmed to Trusted Reviews:

At this point it is iOS and Android, and that’s iOS phones running iOS 6 and higher… Smartphone is our real focus and again it comes back to what BBM is. If you look BBM and the engagement and the activity, it’s because it is mobile, because people are on the go.

This isn’t too surprising: Blackberry’s never really been comfortable with tablets, and their own tablet, the Playbook, is widely considered a dud.

That’s not to say iPad won’t get BBM eventually, of course, but it is a low priority for Blackberry right now. At least iPad isn’t alone in being neglected here: it doesn’t seem as if Blackberry’s taking tablets seriously on any platform.

Source: Trusted Reviews

  • Ianthetechman

    Does anyone really care about BBM these days ? Most people i know use Whatsapp for cross platform messaging.
    Not only that but i think this would be a bad move by Blackberry because most of the users they still have mostly stay around for the BBM the teenagers mostly that use this method for free communication

  • go2pear

    Its really funny :-D BB to iOS.. One of advantages BB to Apple…
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