‘Snapshots’ Lets Everyone at an Event Pool Their iPhone Photos and Videos [Daily Freebie]




Snapshots is a fantastic idea, and one I can see being used pretty heavily at weddings — or by, say, a gaggle of journalists who shoot an event and might need to pool their images.

The concept is spectacularly simple: Get a bunch of people together, and make sure they’re all running SnapShot on their iPhones; then have them upload all the images or videos they shoot via SnapShot to an “event” that you’ve all picked. Voila! Your BBQ/beach party/wedding/gadget press event has been covered from every conceivable nook and cranny.

The app has all the standard stuff, like posting stuff to Twitter and Facebook, and a comments area for the images and videos. But who cares. It’s the main feature that makes this app so brilliant .