Woman Sues Apple For $5 Million Because Her iPhone 4’s Power Button Doesn’t Work



People love to sue Apple whenever they can, and now a Florida woman is seeking $5+ million in damages because her iPhone 4’s power button doesn’t work. The class action lawsuit is intended to fight for the iPhone 4 users who have reported defective on/off buttons over the past several years.

GigaOm reports:

In a class action suit filed in San Jose, California, Debra Hilton claims that Apple knew about a defect in a flex cable that controls the on-off button, but chose to stay quiet about it so as to sell more phones.

As evidence, she points to Apple discussion forums viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors on which users complain of “wiggly” power buttons. Hilton also points to a fix-it video on YouTube and comments by a self-described iPhone repairman who says the power button defect is prevalent on the iPhone 4 which went on sale in 2010.

The Apple support thread mentioned above has over 400 posts and 800,000 views, so this has obviously been an issue for quite a few iPhone 4 owners.

Apple just recently started sending out $15 settlement checks to those affected by Antennagate, so no telling how long this new lawsuit will take to resolve.

Source: GigaOm

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8 responses to “Woman Sues Apple For $5 Million Because Her iPhone 4’s Power Button Doesn’t Work”

  1. m3th4mp says:

    She must really want another $15 check.

  2. theobserving says:

    People are idiots. And page views/posts don’t mean squat as to whether there’s a true issue – it means news and gossip sites run stories and every mouth-breather who ever looked at an Apple store and wants their $15 or case or whatever comes running.

    People think they’ll get a free phone or lifetime products or something. Forget it, people.

  3. ctt1wbw says:

    I’m suing Chrysler because my door makes too much noise when I close.

  4. iSteve says:

    What an asshole this woman!

    I’m pretty sure that the start button in her head is broken…

  5. frankprogrammer says:

    The power buttons on both my iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have died before their one year warranties were up. Both times I was able to get the phone replaced on the spot at an Apple Store (with Genius Bar appointment). Once they replace it you get an additional three months warranty on the new phone. Apple does more than enough to offset this issue. Plus its great to get a shiny new phone =D

  6. MrsCleaver says:

    Just a greedy woman, looking for the easy, albeit stupid buck. If she’d jailbreak that sucker she wouldn’t need the power button. Or just f’ing go to any cellphone repair place and have them fix it.

    Most likely she’s an Android stooge hired to be an “outside agitator.”

  7. liblogic says:


  8. patrickahles says:

    Long live the U SUE of A!

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