Philips Updates Hue iOS App To Include Geo-Fencing, Timers, And IFTTT Support


  • robraden

    It’s worth mentioning that Hue is open source, which means other developers are building on top of it While this thing seems like silly geekery, it’s actually really awesome. I own it and found an app for my Mac that puts a lightbulb icon in my menubar. Click the bulb and I get a menu of lighting options (I made bright lighting for work, softer lighting with a slight orange tint for ambiance, very dark lighting from one lamp only for movie night, and very dim lighting for times when I get up in the middle of the night. They’re all in my Mac’s menu bar, and they’re all on my iPhone via a Hue app. I’m actually blown away by how practical of an item this Hue thing turned out to be.