Facebook For iOS Gets New Photo Viewer Button, Better Places Editing


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 14.53.20
  • Eric

    It still sucks. Facebook mobile app for iOS is like crap. Doesn’t matter, what you add to it, it’s still crap. Every time they make an update, it makes the app worse than it was before. They remove useful features, and add ones that aren’t great, and end up removing them anyway. Like the landscape orientation. I thought it was great. Why remove it. Then the New Feed view from the previous update. All my news feeds are not chronilogical order, AND they all don’t show up like they used to. You have to go to a drop down menu EVERY TIME you access the app to go to the view setting you prefer. How hard is it to set up that you set that view once, and never have to again? Not to mention how slow the app has gotten after each version. They say things are faster? LOL! Suuuuure they are (sarcasm insert). Not to mention, features like “unfollow post” is still not included. I don’t use FB app much anymore because of these. It literally is a waste of my time. Not very user friendly for a “user friendly” app.