iPhone 5S “Not Happening” In June [Analyst]



Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek is our favorite know-nothing analyst, having been proven hysterically, horribly wrong on about every major Apple prediction he’s ever made. He’s probably safe on this prediction, though: even Misek doesn’t think Apple’s going to surprise us with a new iPhone in June. But he’s still kind of an idiot, since it directly contradicts his own prophecies back in December.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV and asked about the likelihood of an iPhone 5S coming at WWDC next month, Misek said flat out: “It’s not going to happen.”

His reasoning, for a change, is sound: the iPhone 5S won’t come in June because no one’s making them yet!

It typically takes 60 to 90 days of production before the phone is introduced to retail. If we assume production starts in June, the soonest it would be available is late august or early September. That’s based on 400-plus suppliers we track.

As for what the iPhone 5S will be like, Misek is playing it safe:

We expect the 5S to be broadly similar to the 5, perhaps with fingerprint sensor capabilities added. There’s still a chance it could come in multiple colors. It’s a virtual lock that you will get better processors and a 12 megapixel camera. The changes will be largely under the hood, as they were with the 4S.

This is largely what we expect too, so good for Misek for not pulling apart his buttocks and speaking rectally for once.

Even so, Misek’s changed his tune. A scarce six months ago, Peter Misek flat-out told us to expect the iPhone 5S to come in June, to land in 6-8 colors, to have an even higher-resolution screen and to boost NFC! What happened to all of that, Peter?

Easy. His current prediction is based on a reality largely defined by people who are smarter and have better sources than he does. Other (and far more reputable) analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have already told us exactly what the iPhone 5S will be like, and what do you know: Misek’s statements here are an exact copy of Kuo’s down to the smallest detail. And if that weren’t good enough, Tim Cook flat out said during Apple’s latest earnings call that new iOS devices wouldn’t land until September.

So Peter Misek’s right this time. But he’s still as dumb as he ever was.

Source: Barrons

  • technochick

    “And if that weren’t good enough, Tim Cook flat out said during Apple’s latest earnings call that new iOS devices wouldn’t land until September”

    That statement is not a total truth. Cook said there are exciting things coming in the Fall but he never said September would be the earliest. Go back and look at your alleged source and you’ll see that even Killian never says it is a firm statement, just an implied one.

    If you are going to nag on an analyst for making false and far fetched statements its probably best that you don’t commit the same crime in the process

  • joewaylo

    If we follow last two years of iPhones, June 11, 2012 was iOS 6’s official announcement and September 12, 2012 was the iPhone 5’s announcement. 3 months.

    June 10-14 will be the unveiling of what is to come at WWDC, which is expecting iOS 7 but as the previous iOS’s were revealed, it took 3 months each iPhone’s release. September 11 2013 possible unveiling.