Here’s How Apple Should Make Trial Version Apps Work In iOS 7


  • technochick

    How is that any better than the current method of free with ads, remove them via IAP or free to level x/feature whatever, buy the rest with IAP that Apple set up. Nothing. The issue is that developers just don’t use it. Just like they would choose ‘no trial’ all the time. Because guess what? For the most part, developers don’t want trials

  • ElVox

    I agree with technochick…and so does Marco Armant in his blog…he posits (and I believe him to be right) that trial apps would kill a lot of mid and small developers, because we wouldn’t be buying 20 weather apps, just 1 or maybe 2…and prices would have to go up…so we users would be spending the same amount of money, but it’d concentrate on the top 1% of the developers and would kill the “middle class” hard.