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Chuck The Muck Flings Itself Onto The App Store For Free


Chuck that muck, Charles.
Chuck that muck, Charles.

In the latest free-to-play iOS game from the makers of Critter Escape, you’ll take on the role of a crystal mining critter who must take care of an endearing blob of muck named Chuck. You’ll be tasked with escaping the crystal mines with some flinging-action and bouncy platforming skill. You’ll need to keep Chuck fed with crystals, all while navigating through dangerous places and avoiding guards and exploding things along the way.

The game uses an interesting mix of virtual analog stick to move your critter miner around, with Angry Bird-esque fling physics to fly and grab all the crystals on each of the 40 different levels. There’s a star system, of course, which may encourage you to try to perfectly complete a tricky level or two.

Like many free-to-play games of its ilk, Chuck the Muck will hook you in quickly and easily, and then allow you to play until you either run out of power ups or purchase some more. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a reason these games are so popular – they’re fun, they’re free, and they’re super cute to play. Chuck is adorable, if a bit on the entitled side, waiting for you to feed his gooey mass of orange-ness. How cute? Just take a look at the trailer:

Chuck the Muck is no different. You’ll start with a tutorial, and learn the basics as you move on. There’s a shop to buy more crystals, which can purchase power ups (like magic beans for extra fart power), and even Critter gear like T-Shirts and the like. The devs are clearly aiming for the cute mascot branding scheme here, which is fine. There are ways to get “free” gems, of course, by signing up for services like Tapjoy or Hulu Plus, which are purely optional, of course.

Bottom line is that if you like getting a cute game to play for free in between more important stuff, you might want to give Chuck the Muck a fling. It’s available in the App Store now as a universal app, which means you can flick your critter on your iPhone or iPad.

Source: App Store