‘Dead Space’ Art Book Launches On iPad, ‘Halo 4’ Book Coming On Friday



Whether you love video games or not, there’s no doubt that games like Halo and Dead Space feature some incredible artwork to breathe life into the make-believe worlds populated by crazed gamers looking for thrills.

Usually a game studio will publish a physical book of all the fantastic concept drawings and sketches that helped bring form to a video game, but Titan Books is releasing the latest Dead Space and Halo art books on iPad this week instead.

The Art of Dead Space was just released on iPad for $9.99. The book features the same pages from the print edition, except you get even better features like interactive galleries, video interviews, 3D render videos and gameplay footage for a more immersive experience that paper just can’t offer.

If you have a Retina display iPad you’ll definitely appreciate the high-resolution art work that lets you get into all the nitty gritty details of Dead Space. If you’re into other games, The Art of Halo 4 is also coming to the iPad on Friday.

The two books weigh in at 1.05GB and 925.3MB respectively, which means you’re getting a great deal of content and behind-the-scenes looks at two of the most popular gaming franchises  If you’re interested to see how the worlds of Dead Space and Halo were designed then you should definitely pick up a copy.


Source: iTunes

Via: The Verge