Pocket iPad Stand Looks Perfect For Travelers



It’s hard to oversell the usefulness of a good iPad stand stand for travelers. It starts on the plane so you can bypass the in-flight movies with something better, and continues from there.

You can prop the iPad up in the bathroom or on the nightstand, you can – in concert with the removed Smart Cover as a base – fashion a quick in-bed theater, and you can type, play music and everything else, all without having to put your pristine iDeice down onto filthy hotel furniture. Ugh.

The Pocket seems to be a good travel stand. It has flexibility in its standing options (three angles) and it folds flat enough to stow in a back pocket (although the die-cast metal body mightn’t play nice with the airport metal detectors).

Plus, at $30, it’s cheap enough that you won’t spend you trip worrying about losing it.

I’ll stick with the awesome PadPivot for any of my traveling needs this year, but if I wasn’t already set up with that, the Pocket would be on my shortlist.

Source: Blue Flame Gear