These Beautiful Scosche RH1060 Cans Are Completely Wire-Free




If there was one concept I came away with from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this year, it’s this: Bluetooth has quickly seeped into everything audio.

Nowhere was this more evident than with higher-end headphones; it felt like every manufacturer we visited that week had an obligatory wireless Bluetooth headphone on display.

One booth I didn’t get to stop by was Scosche’s, so I missed a chance to get ears-on with their new Bluetooth-enabled RH1060; but the details about these cans have my interest piqued.

The first is that Scosche is pushing these as a reference-grade set, and tossing around phrases like “neodymium magnets”, “40mm drivers” and “genuine leather,” all important ingredients —  not to mention that we’ve come to expect good things from Scosche when it comes to audio).

The there’s the battery. Instead of using one or two AAA batteries like almost every other Bluetooth set does (with some notable exceptions, like the exotic Parrot Zik), the RH1060 is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that Scosche says is good for about eight hours of tunes. This can ether be a boon or a curse, but either way, it’s different.

And the kicker? They’re only $200 — considerably less than the $300 average I saw for Bluetooth headphones in about the same category. Anyone getting a pair?

  • Andrew Newsome

    They look pretty nice. Would try them if i had a bit more money haha

  • HerbalEd

    The author is a “test” editor??? Maybe he should “test” these headphones before writing about them. Lazy boy … definitely not a journalist.

  • HerbalEd

    Since the author was too lazy to do so, here’s some details you may find interesting and useful:

    These Bluetooth headphones with mic and controls let you change music and more right from the headphones (volume up/down, play/pause, track control). The built-in mic activates voice control so you can enjoy hands free conversations and record memos. They are SIRI compatible. The BT range is listed as 33 feet.

  • MattBlackWriter

    I tried the Scosche RH1060’s out and they might be my favorite bluetooth headphones. Highly recommended from me. I have a more in-depth review here, if you’re interested: I just tried them out and they might be my favorite bluetooth headphones right now: