Tiny, Juice-Packed PhoneSuit Flex Battery Now Available for iPhone 5


credit: PhoneSuit / Instagram

It’s not much bigger than a (large, fat) thumb — but this PhoneSuit Flex battery has more juice than all but the very, very largest iPhone battery cases. While it’s been available in 30-pin and Android/micro-USB flavors for months, it’s now also available for the iPhone 5.

The $70 Flex packs 2600 mAh of juice into its small form. For reference, the iPhone 5’s battery is rated at 1440 mAh; that means the Flex can, theoretically at least, fully charge an empty iPhone 5, then have juice left over for at leafs another half charge (though PhoneSuit’s conservative claim says the Flex only packs 125 percent of an iPhone’s charge).

Nods to refinement include an anodized metal skin and a touch-sensitve power-level gauge.