Mastering Notification Center: Change Up The Default Basso Sound On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Basso Sound

The default Notification Center sound, Basso, is not one that makes anyone super happy. It kind of sounds like a digital fart, to be honest. Why an operating system that’s had the ability to switch alert sounds since at least OS 7 doesn’t have that option here is beyond me, but luckily there’s a way to change it.

Let’s give it a try, shall we?

Head into your home folder to open the Library folder, then open Sounds (~/Library/Sounds). This isn’t the one in the main system folder, but the one in the Home folder. Create or steal your own short sound and make an AIFF out of it, using GarageBand, Audacity, Quicktime, or any number of Mac apps that can import and export audio. Export the file with the name Basso.aiff and put it into the ~/Library/Sounds folder. Best way to do that is to remove the original Basso.aiff file first, and then replace with the new sound, if it’s already in there. If not, you’re good to go.

Open Terminal and type or paste the following command, which will find the Notification Center process:

ps -ax | grep -i notification

Then, type killall NotificationCenter

To test your new sound, create a Reminder for a couple minutes out, and see if the notification sound is less farty. If you really want the Basso sound back, simply do these steps again but in reverse, moving the original Basso sound back into the ~/Library/Sounds folder.