Delete Passbook Items With Aplomb On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Passbook Delete

No, Aplomb is not a new third-party app to help you manage your Passbook items, cars, or passes. But if any developers plan to make one, please let me know.

Really, once a card, coupon, or time-based ticket is expired in Passbook, you’ll want to delete it to prevent Passbook clutter, right? Well, it’s super easy to do so, and here’s how.

Launch Passbook with a tap from your iPhone screen, and tap into the pass, card, or item you want to delete. Tap the little “i” information icon in the lower right.

Now, simply tap the trash can icon in the upper left, and then confirm by tapping the big red Delete button that pops up with a cute “are you sure” message. If you’re not sure, despite having actually tapped the trash can icon (yes. yes I am sure!), you can hit the gray Cancel button just below the big red one.

Once you hit the Delete button, you’ll get this weird shredder thingy, which is so skeuomorphic it hurts. It will “shred” your electronic pass, and that card, event, or coupon will be gone for good. Yay!

Via: iMore