Apple Juicz solar charger for the MacBook costs more than the laptop it charges




Squeezing some green-friendly juice out of the sweet orange of the sun to charge your MacBook isn’t a totally unpleasant thought. Picture an azure-skied spring day, taking your work to the park, without worrying about that incessantly draining battery icon. You’d probably be willing to drop some change on such a device, right?

But would you pay $1,200 for a solar MacBook charger? That’s the price Quickertek wants you to swallow if you want to pick up their new, fifty-five watt Apple Juicz (yeesh) charger, which can refill your Mac’s battery in only six hours.

Let’s put this in perspective. For $1,200, you are getting a solar charger that is over ten times the size of the MacBook it is charging, although it folds up to the thickness of a sheet of looseleaf. For that price, and at that scale, it can’t even keep pace with the drain of a running MacBook. For that price, you could buy twelve additional MacBook batteries, or even a second MacBook to open up when your MacBook quits.

We’re all for solar-power here at Cult of Mac, but this is the problem with photovoltaic solar sensors in consumer products: accessories like Apple Juicz cost so much, you have to be frothing green foam from your mouth to justify buying one. Far better to just invest in solar powering your solar powered home, cash in your tax credits, and save money in the long term with solar power, charging any device you want with your existing electrical sockets.

[via Wired and Macworld]