Here’s What Apple’s iOS 7 Beta Testers Are Reading On The Web


This is the cover of the favorite album of iOS 7 beta testers.

It’s not uncommon to see early versions of upcoming iOS and Mac releases pop up in server logs — we’ve seen occasional blips from iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 for a while now in our own server logs — but what is less common is actually looking over an iOS 7 beta tester’s shoulder and checking out what they’re interested in.

Yet that’s just what mobile site conversion company OnSwipe was able to do, analysing iOS 7 beta tester’s reading habits to get a better grip on what people at Apple are interested in.

A paragraph from Techcrunch’s story explaining what iOS 7 beta testers were most interested in I thought was pretty funny. According to OnSwipe, here’s what Apple iOS 7 beta testers love to read about the most:

• How to buy the best turntable for your money
• How to take selfie videos with Vine.
• Kid Cudi’s latest album, Indicud.
• Apple’s plummeting (but now rising again) stock price.

In other words, except for their vested interest in Apple’s stock, iOS 7 beta testers are essentially techno-hipsters, just like you and me!

Source: Techcrunch