Cute Cable-Winding Power Plug Comes In Lightning And USB Flavors



Cute and practical, that’s the Itomaki adapter from Softbank. The charger is shaped like a kind of smoothed-off cotton reel, and – surprise – lets you wrap the charger cable around it when not in use.


The charger is for U.S and compatible plugs, with a pair of prongs sticking out of the bottom, and the cable itself (USB or Lightning) springing from the other end.

It also comes in a kaleidoscope of cute candy-colors, which might be the real reason to buy these things – at $36 apiece, plus the pain of importing them from Japan, Apple’s own adapters start to look a little more attractive.

Still, I can see a power strip loaded with a bunch of these, ready to charge anything I can throw at them, and all while fitting in with the tasteful pastel tones of my girlish bedroom decor.

Source: Akihabara News

Via: Andrew Liszewski