Process App Update Makes An Good App Great



Process, the step-based photo-editing app for the iPad, has gotten bumped to version 4.0. With that update come live, almost full-res previews, blend mode support and – supposedly – less crashes.

First, if you want this app and don’t already own it, go buy it now. Process is currently on sale for $3 instead of the usual $15.

Process works by letting you add various "processes" to your image, stacking them one on top of the other to achieve the end result. The gimmick is that these are non-destructive and applied in real time. This means that you can switch each effect on and off, and even re-order the steps in the stack just by dragging.

Thus you could desaturate the image and then fiddle with the hue to get, say, an all-red image. Or you could reverse the steps and apply the color filter first, giving a B&W image with darker, contrastier skies.

You can also save any of your processes as presets, share them, and browse shared presets in a window that applies them real-time to your own image.

Speaking of images, you get a neat little persistent window in the bottom corner which lets you swipe through your camera roll. Other albums and folders are available via the usal crappy iOS image browser.

You can also just app another photo and it is loaded with the current process steps still in place, a neat way to semi-automate batch processing.

We’ve covered previous versions of Process here on Cult of Mac, but this update is worth a mention as the app has gotten a bunch of new filters in the meantime (zoom and motion blur), and now with v4.0 you can see hi-res previews as you work with your images.

One thing that confuses me, though, is the mention of Blend Modes in the release notes. I can’t find them anywhere. And when I do, will they let me layer two images over each other, or just affect how the various process steps interact?

Via: Life in LoFi: iPhoneography

Source: iTunes

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