Microsoft’s Office 2011 For Mac Gets New Update, Office 365 Compatibility


About time, really, it being 2013 and all.
About time, really, it being 2013 and all.

The venerable Microsoft office suite gets a new update today, bringing a bunch of new issue and bug fixes, an added font necessary for document sharing, and brings Office 365 closer to reality on the Mac, letting you move to a subscription model of Office software. Ooh, boy. The new update also adds an easier way to save Word files directly to SkyDrive and Sharepoint.

Microsoft Office 2011, version 14.3.4 requires OS X 10.5.8 or later, and you have to at least have version 14.1.0 of Office 2011 to get the patch. If you want to upgrade to Office Home Premium 365, you’ll need an Intel Mac and at least OS X 10.6 or up. Office Home Premium is $100 a year, and gives you no-cost upgrades to your Microsoft Office suite, as well as free online storage.

The update brings Calibri Light to your Mac, which was strangely missing from the original Office for Mac, which makes documents shared from PC users look differently due to font substitution. There’s also a fix for a weird conflict when two users are authoring a PowerPoint via the web app client, and some bug that only comes to light when a bunch of Office for Mac apps startup at login. Which, I might add, you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Outlook for Mac won’t prompt for your credentials if the Kerberos security token espires, fixes a problem with folders with a space in front of the file name, and a problem of saved changes in the Windows version of Powerpoint 2013 not coming through to Powerpoint for Mac. There’s also a fix for keyboard and remote loss of control in Powerpoint for Mac slide shows, as well.

Outlook searches will not stop when cancelled, instead of still going in the background, and a weird bug where messages sent by an address in the Blocked Sender list ends up in the Junk Mail folder instead of the Sent folder.

Seems like a pretty robust bunch of changes, so you might want to grab it now. You can get the update from Microsoft’s main support site, and it will appear as an Auto Update for anyone with Office 2011 14.1.0 or higher, of course.

Source: Microsoft Support
Via: MacNN

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    “About time, really, it being 2013 and all.”

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