IOGear Dock: Share Any Old Wired Keyboard With All Your iDevices Via Bluetooth



Do you wish you could get in on this whole one-keyboard-switching-between-multiple-devices game, only you’re wedded to some crazy old clackety keyboard that only connects via cable? Then I have good news! IOGear has a new widget that’ll hook everything up.

It’s called the Bluetooth Desktop Dock, the kind of straight-talking name an old-fashioned type like you will appreciate. You plug your USB keyboard and mouse into the appropriate holes, and then plug the dock into your Mac.

Now, the Bluetooth radio inside the box will beam your keystrokes to the iDevice of your choice, letting your quickly switch between them with dedicated buttons. Even better, the dock is shaped to prop up your iPhone (or Android phone I guess).

The only thing you won;t like is the price: the dock is $80, likely more than you paid for your keyboard. Then again, if you want to use your old Cherry-switched keyboard with your iPad, then this is a great way to do it. Available now.

Source: IOGear

Thanks: Stephanie!