Denon’s New InCommand Receivers With Built-In AirPlay



Denon’s new range of audio receivers, called InCommand, has support for Apple’s AirPlay built right in alongside the great sound and embarrassment of cable hookups usually found in this kind of gadget. And that’s in addition to being able to control the unit itself from a dedicated Denon app.

There’s a whole new range on Denon’s site, so I won’t go into specs of the individual models. Let’s just say they run from cheap enough to loud enough.

The standout feature for Apple geeks is the addition of AirPlay, which will let you stream music and other audio direct into the nerve-center of your home-theater setup. As AirPlay is theoretically lossless, you should get a great sound, even without cables.

You can also control many aspects of the hardware itself using a companion app, and if you hook the receiver (a receiver is like a giver, only – usually – smaller and lacking a mustache) up to Ethernet then you can also stream from internet sources like Pandora.

And the top-of-the-line AVR-X4000 "features two 12V assignable trigger outputs for projection screen and motorized drapes control." [emphasis added.

There’s also an Android app available for remote control purposes, but that seems pointless. After all, if you use an Android phone then you probably listen to your music on a transistor radio you got free at the gas station like 20 years ago.