Apple Ranks #6 On Fortune 500



Last year, Apple was ranked 17th in Fortune’s annual list of public U.S. corporations as ranked by their gross revenue. This year? Despite Wall Street skepticism that has seen share prices tumble, Apple is now ranked number 6 in the Fortune 500. Boom.

Over at Fortune, here’s what they have to say about Apple this year:

Apple is bigger than ever — the company cracked the Fortune 10 this year. But it’s a high-pressure job, being king of the hill. At Apple’s press event this past October, it maintained more than disrupted with its software upgrades and iPad mini announcement. Also, this past year has seen a lot of CEO Tim Cook having to apologize — once in September for the failure of Apple’s maps app, and then to Chinese consumers this April for slow repair services — this in a market that Cook said this past January would be Apple’s largest. Still, when every executive wants to invent the iPod of ___, Apple remains an innovation icon.

Source: Fortune

  • HerbalEd

    I don’t know whether to praise Tim Cook or condemn him for his apology to the Chinese. From what I’ve read from multiple sources, he and Apple had absolutely nothing to apologize for re. Apple’s China repair services … and he only did so to keep the peace … i.e., assure successful sales in China.

    I guess, as a substantial shareholder of Apple stock, I’ll have to at least thank him.