Slim Leather iPad Sleeve Doubles As Sling Bag And Backpack



Another handy-dandy iPad case for your this lovely Monday morning, this time one which converts into a shoulder bag or even a "backpack." It’s called the Across, and it really does look pretty useful.

The Across is a leather folio-style case with two extra features: a set of metal eyelets set into each corner to hold a detachable strap, and an envelope-style lip closure to keep the case closed when you’re on the move.


The extra flap also covers the camera when you’re not using it, which is a bonus, and when you open it up your get full access to the buttons on the iPad’s right side.

But I really like the strap idea. After all, if you only want to carry the iPAd with your, why take a whole bulky bag? The strap-n-eyelet design also means that you can configure it in a bunch of different, uh, configurations: backpack (kinda–it’s more like one of those single-strap backpacks that were big in the last decade); over-the-shoulder murse; front-held "desk" and anything else you can think of. It even folds so you can use it as a movie-watching stand.

The bag/case comes in two forms: a $100 leather version and a $55 plastic (faux-leather) one. I almost never take my big iPad outside the house these days, and my mini is small enough to fit into a pocket if I don’t want to take a bag along. But if I did… (etc.) Available now