MiniCinema iPad Mini Case Sure Is ‘Handy’



Having spent far too long browsing the shelves of the local hardware stores (plural) trying to cobble together my own iPad mini hand strap, I’m glad to see a proper case featuring one. I gave up on my DIY efforts, having decided that even as a weak-armed geek I’m strong enough to hold an iPad mini in one hand.

But if I was going to buy a case, a strap like the one on the Luxa2 MiniCinema sure would tempt me.

The strap is in fact adjustable, and designed to hook the mini on the back of a car seat head restraint to shut the kids up on long journeys. Because kids who have unsupervised access to an iPad for hours on end will totally want to just watch movies, right?

So ditch that idea and instead buy this microfiber-lined, gen-yu-wine leather case for yourself. The hand strap and light weight (just 86 grams, or "not much" in ‘murrican weight) mean that you’ll be able to read for hours on end whilst sipping coffee or eating cakes with your other hand. Or both.

The case seems to be unavailable as of right now, and there’s no price. Then again, I now have a bigger stock of iPad mini cases which I can hack and stitch than I had when I first tried to add a strap to the naked iPad itself, so maybe I’ll try again with the DIY approach…


Via: Macworld