Get Apps For Passbook And Carry Less Stuff In Your Wallet [iOS Tips]



Passbook may be one of the most underrated technologies on the iPhone. In theory, it lets you collect your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, and loyalty cards all in one place. In reality, it isn’t supported by too many retailers, many of whom already have their own system of handling these types of passes.

In addition, many iPhone users don’t know how to get apps that support Passbook, as the only way to find a special list of apps that are supported by the service is to open the Passbook app itself. If you’re one of those users, here’s how to get some great apps on your iPhone and carry a few less bits of paper and plastic ephemera around with you.

First up, launch Passbook and tap on the Welcome slider. It may be the only thing you see, or it may be one of many; your app may or may not already have some Passbook passes set up in it already.

Once you tap that Welcome page, there’ll be a button at the bottom that says, “Apps for Passbook.” Tap there and you’ll go right to the special list of Passbook-friendly apps in the App Store right on your iPhone.

Once there, you’ll see a whole list of great apps, including the Apple Store retail app, a Starbucks app (of course), Fandango, LivingSocial, Eventbrite, and even some travel apps like Amtrak or American Airlines. There’s an app for Starwood Hotels and Resorts, an MLB at Bat app, a cool rewards program app called Belly, and more.

When you see an app you like, simply tap the INSTALL button next to the app name, or click the app icon to read the App Store description page. Sadly, you can’t search the list for specific apps, but that’s ok since there aren’t too many, really.

Now when you use the app you just downloaded, you’ll be able to send your passes, tickets, or loyalty cards to your lock screen, or find them within the Passbook app itself. Slick, huh?

Source: Apple