A Retro Phone For Your Smart Device [Deals]


CoM - Retro

Smartphones are all starting to look more and more alike – no matter who is manufacturing them. wouldn’t it be great to add a “retro” touch to your smart device? Well…look no further.

For a limited time, Cult of Mac Deals is offering a cool retro phone (available in black, red, white, orange, or pink) that is compatible with your smart phone or tablet. All you’ll need is a standard 3mm jack – and you can have it for $15 while this offers lasts!

Simply plug into your smart device and you’ll be bringing the retro phone back just like that.

Here are some of the features you’ll find that this retro handset offers:

  • Allows access to phone functions during calls
  • Eliminates over 95% of emitted phone radiation
  • Intelligent pick up and hang up button
  • Excellent quality speaker and microphone

For more information and important reminders regarding this offer, visit the Deals page.

Your retro handset will work with any smart phone or tablet device that has a standard 3mm jack. This trendy handset is available for a limited time only, so head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page and grab it for just $15 today!

  • Paullloydjohnson

    I don’t get the use for this?