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AppStore Debut may Join iPhone Launch in NZ



The long-awaited opening of Apple’s AppStore may come on Thursday at noon Eastern Time to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 3G in New Zealand, according to a report published by Forbes.

Apple’s vehicle for distributing third-party applications developed for the iPhone could go live to accomodate purchasers of the new iPhone, who will be able to buy the phones beginning at Midnight local time in New Zealand. Forbes attributed the AppStore debut speculation to “three people who have been briefed on the matter,” but acknowledged Apple’s “usual veil of secrecy” makes “details about the size, scope or content of the store … consequently scarce.”

2 responses to “AppStore Debut may Join iPhone Launch in NZ”

  1. Jonathan says:

    That will be good for the “three people [in NZ] who can afford vodafone’s overpriced plans” [sic]