This Dead 21-Year-Old Programmer Has An Apple Logo On His Tombstone



Romanian Apple fan Andrei was a straight-A student and promising C++ programmer whose 21-year life was tragically cut short before he could fulfill his dream of working for Cupertino, and possibly, if he was good enough, becoming Steve Jobs.

His passion for Apple was so much that when he died, his parents erected a tombstone with his honor, featuring the Apple logo on it. The message on the stone from his parents reads: “Our son, our hope, you are with us in every moment, and we are with you every moment. You are the champion!”

Thanks: Victor!

  • bigmcq77

    Was it really necessary to say “This dead 21 year old” in the title when you mention his tombstone? If you insist on mentioning he is dead (because him having a tombstone isn’t obvious enough?) at least use a better word like deceased or something. The wording just seems pretty insensitive, seeing on how tragic it is to see a prospective young man tragically pass away. I don’t care either way, just throwing my opinion out there. This is a pretty shitty article with an even worse title.

  • reag1989

    “This dead 21 year old” are you serious! Have some respect!