Carson: Snap-On Magnetic iPhone Lenses That Don’t Suck



Apparently, there is a magnet somewhere inside the back panel of the iPhone 5. How do I know? Because these cool new lenses from Carson use it to stick themselves to the back of the phone. The result is something like a small, less-bulbous Olloclip, only for close-up photography.


Curious fact: “Macro” actually means big. What we call “macro photography” should really be called “photomicrography.” Then again, a “macro” image does appear bigger on the film/sensor than it is in real life, so it doesn’t really matter than much.

These particular “macro” lenses are 10x and 15x and, if the product video and sample shots on the site are anything to go by, the quality is excellent. The corner-shaped units slip over the corner of the iPhone 5 and cover the lens, with a hole cut out for the flash and a – a little further along – the magnet to hold it in place. Thus you get the convenience of the tiny snap-on magnet lenses we know and hate, but with the over-lens accuracy of positioning of clip-on lenses like the Olloclip.

At $19 for the set, you could buy these just to amuse your kids. Me? I’ll amuse myself. With dick jokes about tweezers and magnifying glasses.

Source: Carson